Kickstarter Campaign

You know what they say, every author and every book needs an editor to make it shine. Are you intrigued by the story so far? ( Read chapter 1 here) Then I hope you will contribute towards the Kickstarter Campaign any and all contributions are highly appreciated. Pre-order your copy of the book and learn more at the campaign site here: Pre-Order Now

Why Kickstarter?

The book manuscript is approximately 65000 words in length. It has undergone first proofreading editing and is now in the need of more professional editing work.

I’m hoping to use Kickstarter to help speed up the editing and publishing process and to provide some exclusive rewards to my backers (you perhaps?)! The perks and rewards include eBooks, signed hardcover editions of the book, and cool merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, and more.

The funds will be used for the final editing of the finished manuscript (Content editing and developmental editing) to prepare the book for publishing. 

Be a backer of this science fiction novel and help me make this book come true. 

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Sincerely // Christoffer Vuolo Junros