About the Author

Christoffer Vuolo Junros

My name is Christoffer Vuolo Junros (1989), and I was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. As I write this I live in Stockholm with my wonderful wife Joanna by my side, she’s an amazing person who captured my heart with love.

I consider myself a sci-fi nerd who enjoys writing, exploring cutting-edge technology, and immersing myself in a story, developing my characters based on their unique characteristics.

I work hard to achieve my goals and always have at least one project on going. One of my main interests in life is futuristic technology, thus I strive to be a pioneer or at least an early adopter of interesting technologies that comes my way, “technology” for me is a tool for us to make our lives easier, act as an extended arm with the aim of simplifying tasks and giving us new skills. 

Beside writing I own and operate a small clothing company in addition to my day job as an engineer. As a senior design engineer, I’ve worked for companies such as Volvo, Scania, SAAB, and Husqvarna.

Various sci-fi books and series have influenced my writing. My background as an engineer, as well as my broad interest in various technologies, has aided me in the creation of this novel.

My book contains a lot of humour, intense action, and drama at times. If I was to describe this book myself, I would say that the inspiration for this original story comes from a combination of humour found in Doctor Who (sometimes kinky humour) with a technological drive comparable to Stargate or Star Trek, while also featuring action-packed scenes inspired by Battlestar Galactica.

Technologically, I sought to keep the universe true to the laws of physics while not being overly conservative and limiting possible technical solutions; new innovative technologies and engines are described throughout the book. As a natural part of the book’s universe, Henrik’s world contains a few subtle references to the blockchain ledger.

I hope that you find the story interesting and entertaining.


This book is dedicated to my incredible wife

Joanna (Nashmil) Junros

And my always supporting mother

Ann-Cristin Vuolo Junros.

Without your support, this would never have been possible.


This book wouldn’t be possible to write without the inspiration I have gathered from the true masters of the genre.

Without any specific ordering and with the knowledge that this list can’t include everyone, I give my highest regards and respect to Isaac AsimovArthur C. ClarkeRobert SheckleyFrank HerbertPhilip K. Dick and many more who have written some of the most creative writings ever.

Not forgetting the respect I have for all of you who have worked with masterpieces like Stargate, Dr Who, Star Trek,  Babylon 5, Star Wars, Firefly, The Matrix…I’m pausing the list here since the true length of this acknowledgement list would be too long and too boring to read.

These and many other science fiction books, series and films have shaped me and my life to this day and they continue to do so, and if you are reading this I hope that this book will shape you in one way or the other, if only just by a little bit.