Fully Funded, Kickstarter Successful!

Dear backers, WE DID IT! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to a month of very hard work, long discussions, collaborations and most importantly, real love from dedicated backers who believe in the project! Thanks to you all, this Kickstarter was a success! As soon as the funds have been transferred (within 2,5 weeks) the work will begin together with the editor to go through the entire manuscript several times. Polishing it into perfection.

I wish to send a very special thank you to a backer most dear to me, without your help at the last minute this wouldn’t be possible to achieve. You are amazing! ❤️ #MegaBacker #SpaceAdventurer

Post-Kickstarter, what happens now?

Now it’s time for me to roll up the sleeve even further and to prepare the editing work ahead. As well as manufacturing of your physical merchandise and special backers certificate! (Secret bonus reward #1, more to come)

More info will come and I will keep you all informed regarding the progress of the project post-Kickstarter and the journey towards publishing. As soon as I am ready to deliver your rewards I will reach out to each of you and request information regarding shipment address, email address, shirt sizes, etc. to fulfil the rewards you are eligible for.

So stay tuned for more information soon, let’s celebrate this success together.

And thank you so much once again, you made this possible!

Sincerely//Christoffer Vuolo Junros