Authors voice

Second draft is finished, professional edition to be done. (See Kickstarter campaign)

My writing is inspired by various sci-fi books and series. My profession as an engineer together with my wide interest in different kind of technologies helps me with the creation of this novel. Hope that you find the story intriguing and entertaining.

The book I have written sometimes contains a lot of humour, intense action, and drama. If I were to describe this book myself, I would say that the inspiration for this original story comes from a combination of humour found in Doctor Who (sometimes kinky humour) with a technological drive comparable to Stargate or Star Trek, while being filled with action-packed scenes inspired from Battlestar Galactica.

Technologically, I have tried to keep the universe true with the laws of physics, without being unnecessarily conservative and holding back possible technical solutions, new innovative technologies and engines are described throughout the book.

The world that Henrik ends up in contains a few, subtle references to the blockchain ledger as a natural part of the book’s universe.

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//Christoffer Vuolo Junros