henrik harlacker

Henrik is in his 30s, initially a timid and kind individual known for his good-hearted nature. He is content with living a quiet and peaceful life, but his world is turned upside down when he becomes involved with a group of people fighting against oppression and injustice.

At first, he is reluctant to get involved, but as he gets to know his companions and sees the people's suffering firsthand, he becomes increasingly driven to make a difference.

He starts to take on more responsibility within the group and develop leadership skills as he works to free the people from their oppressors.

As he gains confidence and experience, he becomes a passionate and dedicated leader, driven by his ambition to see a better world for the people he cares about. Despite his timid nature, he is a courageous and effective leader who inspires others.

joanna harlacker

Joanna Halacker possesses an array of exceptional qualities. Firstly, she is a natural leader who exudes confidence and charisma. Her presence is magnetic, effortlessly drawing people towards her. Joanna’s innate ability to inspire and motivate others makes her a compelling and influential figure in any setting.

In addition to her leadership qualities, Joanna is knowledgeable. Her sharp mind and quick thinking enable her to navigate complex situations easily. She possesses a depth of knowledge and understanding that allows her to tackle challenges with wisdom and insight. Joanna’s intelligence adds depth to her character and contributes to her leadership effectiveness.

Joanna’s confident outward appearance belies her profound capacity for love. Her innate aptitude for forming deep and meaningful connections allows her to connect with others on a personal level genuinely.

Her genuine care and empathy make her approachable and relatable, endearing her to those around her. Joanna’s loving nature fosters a sense of trust and admiration, making her a popular and well-liked figure among her peers.


Bjorn is in his early 40s, described as a true gem of a person. He is incredibly caring and always goes to make those around him feel valued and appreciated. His friendly nature is infectious, and his warm smile and kind words make it hard not to be drawn in. He is also brilliant, able to hold his own in any conversation, and eager to learn more about the world around him.

Despite his intelligence, he has a great sense of humour and is not above cracking a joke or two to lighten the mood. He is cheerful and upbeat, always seeing the best in people and situations. He is a true joy to be around, and it’s easy to see why he is so well-liked by those who know him.


Davood, chief mechanic and engineer. He is a seasoned engineer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in understanding complex systems. He excels in troubleshooting and solving problems. One notable trait of Davood is his patience with people, as he values interpersonal relationships and enjoys helping others. However, he quickly becomes annoyed by malfunctioning electronics and systems, frustrated when they don’t meet his expectations due to his deep understanding of technology.


Anvu Harlacker, Henrik’s mother, encompasses strength, love, and technological prowess. She approaches obstacles head-on, demonstrating her ability to overcome adversity with grace and determination.

At the core of Anvu’s character is her profound capacity for love and care. She is a nurturing figure, deeply committed to the well-being and happiness of those around her.

One notable aspect of Anvu’s character is her technological competence. She possesses a deep understanding of advanced technologies and displays a high level of proficiency when working with complex systems. Her technological acumen allows her to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with ease.

tidus barlow

Tidus Barlow, the Supreme Leader of the ruthless Chronos Corporation, is an imposing figure who rules the galaxy with an iron fist. In his late 70s, Tidus is driven by an unyielding determination and an insatiable thirst for power. He exudes an air of invincibility, radiating confidence and authority that leaves others in awe.

Tidus is a cold-hearted and calculating individual known for his ruthless and uncompromising nature. He stops at nothing in his relentless pursuit of power, making difficult decisions without hesitation. His mastery in manipulation allows him to bend others to his will, using his intelligence and cunning to orchestrate events in his favour.

Ambition fuels Tidus’s drive as he constantly seeks to expand his influence and maintain control over every aspect of his dominion. His authoritarian presence commands respect and fear, leaving no room for dissent or opposition. Tidus is willing to crush anyone who dares to stand in his way, trampling over others to achieve his goals.

The Youllians

Masters of Time Dilation

The Youllians, originating from the neighbouring galaxy Triangulum, are a race characterized by their distinct features and formidable ambitions. They possess an otherworldly allure, with their long and well-dressed figures exuding elegance, adorned in flowing gowns and silky scarves. Their smooth, blue complexion and mesmerizing orange eyes capture attention and add to their captivating visage.

Driven by their insatiable thirst for power and the imminent destruction caused by an unbalanced black hole in their galaxy, the Youllians seek to secure power and resources for their survival. They allied with Tidus Barlow, a political rival to the protagonist’s father and the leader of the Chronos Corporation. Viewing the Youllians as a means to further his ambitions, Barlow partnered with them.

Through their alliance with Barlow, the Youllians orchestrated a ruthlessly executed coup, overthrowing Henrik’s father Matu and the leaders of the Andromeda Alliance. They swiftly assumed control over the city, establishing an oppressive rule characterized by brutal beatings and lifelong prison sentences for even minor offenses. The Youllians instill fear and ensure compliance among the populace, maintaining absolute control over their dominion with the help of the YMG (Youllian Military Guards) and a formidable police presence.

Apart from their appearance and rule, the Youllians possess unique abilities that set them apart. Not explicitly mentioned in the provided text, their strategic prowess and manipulation skills are showcased through their alliance with Barlow and the successful overthrow of the Andromeda Alliance. They also possess advanced technology, likely stemming from their advanced galactic civilization, which aids in their ambitions and dominance.

To further their oppressive rule, the Youllians harness the time dilation device as a sinister tool. This advanced technology allows them to steal fragments of time and life force from the people of Andromeda, extending their own lifespans while draining the vitality of others. By subtly altering the flow of time around certain individuals, they extract more labor from the people without their awareness, making them toil longer hours for lesser rewards.

The effects of the time dilation device are profound. The people of Andromeda find themselves trapped in an illusion, perceiving shorter workdays while unknowingly surrendering their precious time to the insatiable appetite of the Youllians. Their efforts go undervalued as the Youllians exploit their labor for greater profits and control. The device perpetuates a cycle of exploitation and stagnation, keeping the people of Andromeda trapped in an endless cycle of labor while their own lives and aspirations slip away.

In this web of deceit, the Youllians revel in their power to control both time and the lives of the people of Andromeda. The time dilation device becomes an emblem of their oppressive rule, a tangible reminder of their ability to manipulate and exploit the very essence of existence for their own gain. Their merciless nature and insatiable hunger for power are evident as they sacrifice the lives and time of others to perpetuate their dominance over the galaxy.


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