Q1- What does literary success looks like to you?

For me, it's knowing that my work is out there, available to the world and perhaps, that feeling of someone telling me they liked it. It can also be to receive the first 1 star, that's gutwrenching at first.

Q2- How long do you research before starting a book?

Before, nothing. While I write, all the time. Carefully searching and learning/relearning. Looking up details regarding new technology, or even just theoretically possible technology to add to the books universe.

Q3- If you don’t write, what would you do for work?

Writing is not my main source of income. Not for now at least. I have a long career as a design engineer for several large Nordic companies such as Volvo, SAAB and Scania. To top that I run a small business operation as well, designing and selling clothes for crypto enthusiastic people.

Q4- At what point do you think someone should call themselves a writer?

Whenever they like. If you enjoy to write, then you can call yourself a writer, bonus if you have published something of course.

Q5- what difference do you see in writer vs author?

A writer can be many things. For example writing columns in newspaper, technical writer at engineering companies. An author mainly tells a story, a plot. Usually with some underlining meaning.

Q6- What do the term ‘WRITER’S BLOCK’ means to you?

That you need to take a break. Take a walk and comeback, see if you can find the words again, but don't worry. Your words will come back. So don't overthink it.

Q7- How do you deal with negative book reviews?

It's hard sometimes, but I try to not take them personal. If

they have constructive critique, I do my best to learn from it. To use the

negative review for something good.

Q8- What advice would you like to give to the young authors or writers working on their first ever book?

Read. A lot. I mean it. Fill your inside with words so that you later on can put those words onto a new, blank paper. And write whenever you feel for it. It's okay if it takes several years until you publish your work. Don't forget to edit. It's important.

Q9- According to you what are the key elements of a good writing?

I learned it the hard way, use a tool, any tool you find good for you in order to create each chapter, each scene in the book in a way that drives the story forward. Letting the reader immerse into the world that you build, keeping them glued to the pages.

Q10- How do you your social media for work purposes?

It's hard to be everywhere at the same time, making suitable media for each site. I would say, use it where you find your readers, connect on a human way, come close to people, stay open and honest, do it for fun.Try things out in a way that make you learn how to reach Your readers. I'm in that process and I don't think you can ever perfect it, as the world always seam to evolve forever forward, and it's ok.


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