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Book publishing journey
Planned (Q4 - 2022) 85%

Editing process update


The editing work from Dr. Jeff has arrived and let me just say, the quality of the editing is superb. With Jeff's professional touch the manuscript has reached a whole new level of finish. The editing work isn't completely finished yet ...READ MORE

Fully Funded, Kickstarter Successful!


Dear backers, WE DID IT!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks to a month of very hard work, long discussions, collaborations and most importantly...READ MORE

Kickstarter Campaign


You know what they say, every author and every book needs an editor to make it shine. Are you intrigued by the story so far? ...READ MORE

Authors voice!


The second draft is finished, professional edition to be done. (See Kickstarter campaign)   My writing is inspired by various sci-fi books and series. ...READ MORE

Book Synopsis!


Grim and tough situations are in front of Henrik Harlacker and everyone aboard the Starship Eclipse. By his side, he has Joanna, his true love and strength together with his most trusted friend Bjorn. ...READ MORE

Chapter 1, The Cube!


Henrik Harlacker opens the door to their house and scratches the itchy stubble on his chin with his right hand. He is a thirty-four-year-old man with a by now at least three- or four-day-old beard stubble. He can’t remember ...READ MORE

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First Draft (Finished Aug-2021)
Completed 100%
Second Draft (December -2021)
Completed 100%
Kickstarter Campaign for final edit (Feb- 2022)
Completed 100%
Final editing work (Mars- 2022)
Work ongoing 100%
Publishing work (Ongoing, planned for Q4 2022)
Work ongoing 65%
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